Soccer activity book

Free Soccer Activity Book for kids 6-8

Score big with this fun Soccer Activity Book. Perfect for young soccer enthusiasts in general, European soccer in particular, and especially Lionel Messi, this book is packed with fun challenges that will keep kids engaged and entertained and provide educational value.
From solving soccer themed mazes to testing their knowledge of soccer legend Lionel Messi, kids will have a blast exploring the world of soccer. They'll search for hidden soccer words, solve crossword puzzles and much more.

Sprint parachute for kids - review

Sprint parachute—soccer training equipment for kids. Review by a soccer mom and a twelve-year-old soccer player.

Product tested: Sprint Parachute.

Soccer mom review:
COVID times have caused many cancellations of soccer practices and forced my son and many other young soccer players around the world to train at home. As the quarantine first started, we ordered a bunch of soccer training equipment online. The parachute was one

Soccer rebounder for kids - review

Soccer rebounder for kids—review by a soccer mom and a twelve-year-old soccer player

Product tested: Rebounder.

Soccer mom’s review
“I bought the rebounder in the hope that it would help my son practice by himself, since many times when he’s at home he doesn’t have training partners.
The rebounder arrived disassembled, but it was easy to put together, and so far, it has proven to be sturdy enough to endure short and longer kicks.