Soccer rebounder for kids—review by a soccer mom and a twelve-year-old soccer player

Product tested: Rebounder.

Soccer mom’s review
“I bought the rebounder in the hope that it would help my son practice by himself, since many times when he’s at home he doesn’t have training partners.
The rebounder arrived disassembled, but it was easy to put together, and so far, it has proven to be sturdy enough to endure short and longer kicks.

My son has been practicing with it at home quite often. Sometimes he practices barefoot, and sometimes with his cleats. He loves it either way. He inserts his AirPods, plays his favorite music, and kicks the ball on the rebounder for many minutes at a time.

Since the rebounder folds easily and fits in the back of a car, we take it to practices at the local mini soccer field too.
Though I saw other, more expensive professional rebounders online, I am happy with this relatively cheap rebounder. It does the job for me.
I am happy with the purchase. It’s good value for the money.”
Soccer mom’s score: 9

Twelve-year-old soccer player’s review
Soccer nets, or rebounders, are great for practicing accuracy, ball control, and passing skills. They can be placed in the yard or even in the house, though my mom doesn’t like it when it’s inside. After some practice, I managed to bounce the ball off it more than 100 times in a row.
It’s great for practicing with or without shoes. And it’s great for goalkeepers too, because it bounces quickly.”

Soccer player’s score: 10

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