There are tons of great gifts for young soccer players, from training equipment to branded soccer club clothing and apparel, but if you want to get a little more creative, here are three ideas that your young soccer star will love.

For ages 5-9: BOOKS!

If your young soccer player loves to read—or if their parents want them to read—an excellent choice is my Sean Wants to Be Messi book series. The books are an entertaining, easy read about a boy who wants to be a soccer superstar and his struggles in everyday life. It is funny, thoughtful, and a great way to open kid-friendly discussions on getting frustrated, trying again, believing in yourself, and having a dream.

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The device comes in two sizes.

For ages 8 and up: PlayerMaker Tracker

The PlayerMaker is a motion sensor that is strapped to the player’s soccer boots, where it records and analyzes their movements and sends the data to the app installed on their phone.
This sport-tech product started as a device for professionals, but now it’s common among amateur players as young as 8 years old. My son uses his at all his trainings and during matches.


For any age: Soccer T-Shirts

High quality, machine-washable T-shirts with MY soccer illustrations will make any soccer player or fan very happy!
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