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IMPORTANT NOTICE July 2023: The company has stopped selling the Playermaker. From now on, only the Cityplay is available for purchase.

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I got the Playermaker for my thirteen-year-old soccer player more than a year ago. He was very happy with the product and used it to record many of his trainings and matches. Then, in November 2022, the CITYPLAY arrived.
The CITYPLAY is an enhanced version of the Playermaker. The manufacturer of the Playermaker has joined forces with Manchester City FC, a leading English soccer club, to create this next-generation soccer tracker. The manufacturer is still going to sell the original Playermaker app and device as is, but they are going to continue to improve only the new app: the CITYPLAY.
The new product is superior to the Playermaker in a number of ways. First, it is much smaller. Second, the battery lasts 2-3 times longer. It also creates a “Player Card” and has individual recommendations for drills, as well as social features.
So why not simply buy the superior CITYPLAY? The price. It’s about 25%-30% higher.
Personally, I think that although the CITYPLAY is nicer, for price-conscious customers, the Playermaker is still a good choice. The bigger size did not bother my son, the battery always lasted through a training or a match, and his stats were recorded. At this point, he cares less about the social features.

Fifteen-Year-Old Player Review

I loved the Playermaker, but I like the CITYPLAY more. You get a “Player Card” that you can share, and there are individual recommendations for drills that you can use to measure and improve.

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Disclosure: As someone who believes in transparency and honesty in all dealings, I would like to disclose that I signed an influencer agreement with the Playermaker brand. Nevertheless, I want to make it clear that my son has been using Playermaker products for several years, and my views on the product stem from personal experience. I will always express my genuine and honest opinions regarding the product.