Sprint parachute—soccer training equipment for kids. Review by a soccer mom and a twelve-year-old soccer player.

Product tested: Sprint Parachute.

Soccer mom review:
COVID times have caused many cancellations of soccer practices and forced my son and many other young soccer players around the world to train at home. As the quarantine first started, we ordered a bunch of soccer training equipment online. The parachute was one

of those items, but not the first one on my list. I did not think it would work, and I didn’t believe that it would keep my son occupied for long.
My son was very curious about the parachute. I also thought that this fitness toy was used only by professional athletes and was surprised to find out that the price of the product is relatively affordable.
We attached the belt to the parachute easily and affixed it to my son’s waist. He tried a few runs with it in the backyard. We are lucky to have a small yard, but we discovered it is not big enough. It takes some distance to accelerate to a fast enough speed that the parachute will open behind you and create the dragging effect that makes your leg muscles work harder.
The next time, my son took the chute with him when he went to train at the local mini soccer field, and he reported that it’s a good tool to practice quick acceleration.

Soccer mom’s score: 7

Twelve-year-old soccer player’s review
I was happy to try this product. It is used to build an explosive sprint and strength in the legs. I ran in the mini soccer field from one side to the other, and I could actually feel the resistance when the parachute opened behind me.
I did it five times back and forth. That is ten times in a row. It was not easy, and I think it helped my sprint.
I suggest not doing this at the beginning of the workout, because it’s not good to start with such intense exercises. I do my cone and dribbling drills first.

Twelve-year-old soccer player’s score: 9


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