Sean Wants To Be Messi (UK)

Award winning children's book series

  • "Fantástico book for parents and kids alike"
  • "Fun bedtime story with beautiful illustrations"
  • "Inspiring, thoughtful and a great way to open kid friendly discussions"

Book 1

Sean Wants To Be Messi

A children's book about football and inspiration

Sean, an imaginative 8-year old boy, wants to be the great Lionel Messi and he’s working hard towards his goal. He battles fears, bullies, homework and bedtimes in pursuit of his dream to become the best footballer in the world.

Book 2

Sean Goes To Barcelona

A children's book about football and goals.

Sean, an 8-year old aspiring footballer, goes on the trip of a lifetime! He travels to Barcelona, Spain, to watch a FC Barcelona football game and get an autograph from his hero, the celebrated forward Lionel Messi. Being the resourceful and determined kid that he is, Sean comes up with various creative ways to track down his hero and make his dream come true. But sometimes, as he will discover, life doesn’t quite go according to plan…

Book 3

Sean Tackles London

A children's book about football and teamwork.

Sean, an aspiring football player, goes on the biggest adventure of his life: he travels to a FC Barcelona football camp in London for his summer holiday.
He will visit London's famous landmarks, challenge himself and his parents, learn the power of teamwork, and do his best to be selected for the Barca youth world tournament.

Sean Wants To Be Messi

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