Elettra Cudignotto - digital art

Introducing Elettra Cudignotto

The vivid illustrations in the Sean wants to be Messi books series were created by Elettra Cudignotto, a digital artist from Vicenza, Italy.

Elettra Cudignotto loved painting since she was a little girl. As far as she remembers she was scribbling little drawings on napkins, books and bills. Lots of practice refined her vivid and unique style. Her illustrations are characterized by wild colors and powerful irregular hand drawn lines.

A story about a donkey

I have a soft spot for donkeys since an incident which happened back when I was in high school.
My family lived in the suburbs and we had a backyard with a small swimming pool. One day I heard a donkey braying loudly, so I run outside only to discover a confused donkey standing in the empty swimming pool.
After a heated discussion about the best way to get a donkey out of a pool, we slipped a blanket under it's belly and, combing the forces of all 6 family members, managed to pull it out.
The donkey was wounded and had infected sores, so I took it to the vet and cared for it until it healed.