Jenny Maguire Creative coaching

How does a friendship of 20 plus years turn into a creative gift? Very naturally...
I have known Jenny since we were babes in the NYC woods living on Ludlow Street in the East Village. Our connection is deep and spans decades. From many late nights & youthful exploration of our artistic natures, Jenny knows me, really knows me, as a person and a writer. So years later, living in separate countries, when I needed an outside ear I could trust, Jenny was a natural call for support and guidance. What started as friendly creative advice has evolved into an essential part of my creative process.


From an idea, to writing the first draft, to writing the first book, to writing the rest of the books in the series- it was a challenging journey which stretched the limits of my self-discipline and self-confidence.
As an independent writer, without a publishing house behind me, it is not easy to find editors/advisors who understand and respect my vision while having the creative wisdom, insight, experience and courage to tell me that some parts need to go, suggest new ideas & translate how dialogue is coming across from a reader’s perspective.
Going through the creative coaching process with Jenny Maguire served that purpose and much more. She helped me see things from new perspectives, overcome stumbling blocks and was my cheerleader throughout the process. An outside eye that I could wholeheartedly trust to help guide and inspire the very tricky and fragile creative process.

Jenny Maguire Creative