Introducing delightful new children’s books!
The books are available for free download between on 15th-31st of January 2023 only.

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Title: Would You Rather Family Time
Author: Grace Ntreh
Description: Would You Rather Family Time is a question-and-answer game book for families who like to dream, laugh and play.
Silly and hilarious scenarios fill this book, which will make you giggle, think outside the box, and understand how your friends and family see the world. While some of these questions might make you laugh hysterically, others will definitely make you ponder deeply.
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Title: Henry Has The Hiccups
Author: Karen Cogan
Description: Henry is a little bear with a big problem. He can't get rid of the hiccups. Everyone in the family has a suggestion. None of them work until...Henry gets a sweet surprise.
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Title: Sean Wants To Be Messi
Author: Tanya Preminger
Description: Sean, an imaginative second grader, wants to be the great soccer superstar Lionel Messi, and he’s working hard for his goal. He battles fears, bullies, homework and bedtimes in pursuit of his dream to become the best soccer player in the world.
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Title: Black Beauty coloring pages
Author: Leonora Teale
Description: Ten beautiful scenes from Leonora's new edition of the classic children's novel Black Beauty, in black & white and full-colour for you to print and color at home!
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